Brick by Brick

I recently had the privilege of writing and recording a song for my good friends at Pine Cove Christian Camps. Their summer Bible study is centered around the story of Nehemiah, a servant man who boldly led the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

This was one of the more rewarding tunes I have written. For a long while now I've had the desire to put Bible stories to song, only to fail to wrestle up the courage to do so. But this time around, picturing a few thousand high school and college students listening to this story really brought the song to life.

For weeks now I have been offering Brick by Brick as a download to Pine Covers, but decided it was time to go ahead and share this story outside the camp circle. The single officially releases on iTunes and in digital stores worldwide this weekend (7.6.13). I'd be honored if you gave it a listen and helped spread the word.

I pray the song would encourage your heart, and remind each one of us that it is never too late to build our faith on the hope that is found in Jesus. May His joy be your strength.

Thanks for listening,


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Thank You

Now that a few hundred album pre-orders and Kickstarter “rewards” have arrived on doorsteps across the country, and now that this record is live on iTunes and Amazon (Spotify to come next month), I want to stop and say thanks. Thank you to the 88 gracious people who pledged their support to bring this project to life. Thank you to the countless others who gave of their time to help make it happen. If you gave as little as even one listen to a song of mine or one social media shout-out, you played a part in making this record. And I thank the Lord for you.

These songs were born in the valley and they came alive in the brokenness. And I want you to know that I wouldn’t change it for the world. So, wherever you stand today -- on the mountaintops or in the depths -- from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you. Thank you for listening, not only to a song, but more importantly, a story. A story that I hope becomes as much yours as it is mine. My prayer is simply this -- that these melodies would encourage your heart. To know and believe that His plan is perfect, His grace is sufficient, and His love is oh so strong.

The road is anything but certain; this land is anyplace but Home. But two things I can promise you: The sun will surely rise. And you walk not alone. 

Thank you for listening,


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